Social Media Pain and Pleasure

Check it out:

This can all be fixed.

HOW???  Simple:

  1. Monetize friend connections instead of personal data
  2. Instead of coercing users to buy, reward them to buy.
  3. Instead of taking from users, give to users.
  4. Instead of being an ad middle man, be a sales partner.
  5. Instead of offering merchants a crummy proposition by charging them for clicks, charge after a sale has been made.
  6. Instead of tricking users with a fake mission and then turning on them, bring them into the equation and build trust, goodwill and ethical revenue.

The bottom line is someone will eventually connect the dots as we have and make an end run on Facebook's business model. It's already started.

And as we all know, users are fickle. If/when they get a taste of something better—and can "punish Facebook" at the same time, they will do so with glee.

An Invention Called Referral-ti$ing To The Rescue.





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