Advertising SUCKS!

And we're doing something about it.

We're taking back the Internet... with your help.

No lofty goals here.  Just a true disgust with where advertising is taking the Internet. 

If you're like me...

You're sick and tired of getting bombarded with annoying ads.  And guess what?  It's only going to get worse.  If I read one more story about some stupid "unicorn" startup who is valued at a poop-zillion dollars whose plan is shove — you guessed it — more obnoxious ads at us after they saturate the market with their next "free" offering, I think I will box up a turd and FedEx it to them!  Because that's exactly what they're doing to us!

Seriously... WTF?!

But wait...

We have a solution.  We call it Referral-tising.  Not only does it get rid of the onslaught of ads, it turns things around in favor of the user.  Did you know Google — arguably the most egregious purveyor of such crap — earns in excess of $38 Billion dollars a year on these annoying ads?  And did you know that the ads themselves are only .03% effective??  Our platform takes the middle man OUT of the equation, and puts YOU — the consumer, in its place. 

It's called Buddy Buddy Buddy

It's called Buddy Buddy Buddy and here are the workings behind it:
First, it replaces the world's most painful ad model from Google called AdWords, aka "pay-per-click," with a Pay-Per-Sale option for merchants.  So instead of advertisers paying for those annoying ads to hopefully generate a click-through, that hopefully results in a sale (which happens on average only .03% of the time!), they pay for sales AFTER they are made.  And instead of them paying Google, they pay YOU — the shopper, by way of super low prices and outstanding deals when you redeem your bounty of rewards.  Wait... WHAT?

Second, shoppers earn exponential rewards.  In other words, when you make a purchase at a participating online store and share that purchase info with your Facebook friends, you earn rewards.  But it gets better, because when your friends makes a purchase, you earn more rewards.  And when your friend tells his/her friends and they make a purchase, you get more rewards, and when your friend's friends make a purchase, you get more rewards, and finally, when your friend's friends's friends make a purchase, yup... MORE REWARDS.  And everyone in the loop gets these rewards.  So you are earning a tidy little sum of valuable rewards we call Buddy Bucks for doing nothing more than referring your friends to the store at which you made a purchase.  Suh-weeet!

So what's the catch?

There is no catch!  All you as a shopper needs to do is to make two clicks at the end of a purchase to inform your friends of your purchase, and that sets the whole system in motion.  One click on the "BUDDY THIS SALE" button on the Thank You page of your transaction, and another click on our site that says "SEND BUDDY ALERT TO ALL MY FRIENDS."  Of course, you can select to send your purchase alert to some and not all of your friends with a few more clicks if you want, and you can add a message to your post, but that's optional, and THAT'S ALL YOU HAVE TO DO TO PARTICIPATE.  Period.

Stores benefit... YOU benefit.

Eventually, as the system catches on, the ads will slowly disappear, because merchants will see the Buddy system works to generate sales, and realize: Why pay-per-click, when they can Pay-Per-Sale?

But what happens to the $38 Billion?

Exactly.  What happens to it?  It goes to the consumer in the way of GREAT DEALS on items purchased with redeem of your Buddy Bucks rewards.  Instead of merchants giving that money to Google for ads that barely work, they can apply those dollars to great prices on products you buy when you redeem your Buddy Bucks with purchase.  And why would stores do this?  Because every time they do, it generates even more sales through Buddy referrals... which generate more sales... and so on.  It's the classic Win/Win scenario.  AND... because these product sales referrals are generated by PEOPLE and not big corporations, YOU are in control FOR THE FIRST TIME ONLINE!  It's good to be the king!

And because this is all about "friends helping friends", those great deals will pop up in your facebook feed — and NOT in the annoying ad space or newsfeed — and not anonymously.

Watch this video to see a quick 2 and-a-half minute demonstration on how it works:



Unfortunately, the investment community has been slow the "see" the value of this endeavor of ours, so it is not working in full swing just yet.  But you can help: Just follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook:

...and we'll know that YOU, the internet user, sees the value of this, and that with a little help, we can make Buddy Buddy Buddy a reality and BEGIN TO TAKE BACK THE INTERNET from the advertising knuckleheads who are ruining it for all of us.

Thank you

Dale Wozny, CEO



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