How to Monetize Facebook

In the immortal words of Steve Jobs: Think Different.

To quote Mark Zuckerberg:

"The holy grail of advertising lies in trusted referrals, such as those assertions that one of your friends likes the certain brand being advertised."
June, 2012


While Mr. Zuckerberg has been "thinking differently" when he said what he said here, he hasn't quite connected the dots in order to create what he is describing... but we have!  And we've built it in such a way as to spread the wealth among USERS and not just Facebook and Merchants.

This is about Anti-Advertising

Making money tracking users with advertising is not at all what this is about.  This is more about anti-advertising.  Facebook has been busy with the wilted, frail "left over from the 20th century" advertising paradigm: placing ads to generate revenue, and soon too, video ads.  BUT WAIT... we've developed a better way of generating revenue — and people are starting to notice.

We've built a platform that creates a revenue generating system for e-commerce on the back of social media

We've approached the problem from a completely fresh point of view.  We've built a platform that does two unique things that when integrated create a revenue generating system for e-commerce on the back of social media.

1)  We have pioneered a shopping rewards system that delivers exponential rewards facilitated through social media channels — the first of its kind online.

2)  We have positioned this rewards mechanism as a tool for online merchants of all types that replaces traditional pay-per-click advertising with a superior Pay-Per-Sale alternative — the first Pay-Per-Sale model for merchants.

These two systems working hand-in-hand monetize social media in a way that is completely unique to the web.

It's called Buddy Buddy Buddy and here is how it works for consumers:


Here's how the BBB Sales Generating System Works
as compared to "Google AdWords" aka "pay-per-click":


...and here is how it could work for Facebook:

Pay-Per-Click is a $38 Billion a year monopoly on the part of Google.  We are the first to provide a viable Pay-Per-Sale alternative utilizing a powerful social referral element that we alone have.

A Fresh Advertising Tool for Merchants

It instantly attracts just about every online merchant currently engaged in pay-per-click with a superior alternative because — Why pay-per-click when you can pay-per-sale??

A Cool New Rewards Platform for Shoppers

It instantly attracts the 40% of online consumers who already engage in shopping rewards programs by providing a superior, exponential shopping rewards platform with rewards that are "portable" across all participating stores — the first of its kind.  Buddy Bucks rewards are redeemable with purchase for great discounts at all participating stores.

A "Re-think" for Online Advertising

Buddy Buddy Buddy rewards shoppers to do advertising for the brands and products they buy and refer to their Facebook friends.  But... the real kicker here is that the rewards are exponential.  And it gets better: while shoppers are rewarded to three levels, the referrals themselves continue on unabated.  We call this phenomenon "People-tising".  As rewards hit the third level, the initial shopper drops off, but another shoppers gets into the loop at the back end, and so on, and so on.

Buddy Buddy Buddy allows consumers to finally be rewarded for a "share" or a "like".  It's a new, advanced social sales tool for E-Commerce that allows merchants to effortlessly turn every buyer into a motivated, rewarded salesperson for their products.

What Sets Us Apart

We are the first company to bring together the power of social media, the fun of online shopping, the appeal of rewards shopping and the lure of deal shopping all in one place.  In so doing we offer merchants a socially-based Pay-Per-Sale alternative to Pay-Per-Click while delivering a three-level rewards model to consumers.  BBB has the potential to get in between EVERY online transaction.  Plus, it's purely software and scalable like crazy!


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