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BBB is about changing the way social media and E-commerce intermingle.

Both shoppers and merchants experience a tectonic shift in how online sales occur with BBB.


Hi. Dale Wozny, CEO of Buddy Buddy Buddy here.  A few years ago I was reading an article in MIT's Technology Review magazine about the inability of Silicon Valley to monetize social media with anything more than the same, tired old click ads.  In the "good old days" of advertising, a direct mail piece — for example — was considered a "success" if it got a 2-3% response rate.  Today, online click ads produce less than .01% results — and it's dropping!  It's downright dismal.  Yet, it's still the "only game in town" and companies looking to advertise online have no other choices.  And now with ad-blocking looming in the background, the click ad paradigm looks to be taking its last run around the track.... But we have a solution.

For Shoppers...
We have developed a uniquely original concept we call "Referral-ti$ing."  It's a rewards system like nothing ever before (WATCH VIDEO).  It draws on social media in such a way as to provide shoppers with a three-level rewards mechanism resulting from purchase referrals made through social media friend connections.  Rewards we call BUDDY BUCKS accumulate when friends purchase, when friends of friends purchase, and finally when friends of friends of friends purchase (SEE INFOGRAPHIC).  The result is a cascading, exponential bounty of valuable rewards, and all shoppers have to do is refer purchases to their social media connections.

For Online Stores...
For merchants, BBB dramatically alters the advertising landscape.  BBB relies not on tired banner ads that most everyone ignores, but instead mines the deep interconnections of social media delivering a stream of sales referrals from consumers telling their friends about their purchases.  In the process, BBB REPLACES pay-per-click with a much more attractive concept of PAY-PER-SALE!  So instead of merchants paying for people to just visit their site from keyword searches, they are paying AFTER sales are made from social media referrals (WATCH VIDEO).  Once merchants understand this concept, never again will they be contented to pay for mere click-throughs, and as a result will cancel their Google pay-per-click accounts faster than you can say "Why pay-per-click when you can Pay-Per-Sale?"  Further, referrals are delivered by their customers who are directly rewarded when sales result from telling their friends about their purchases.

Re-Inventing Online Advertising...
BBB is the first "social advertising" application.  BBB essentially removes the advertising "middle man" and puts the merchant in control and the consumer enjoying the benefits.  It's truly a "Win/Win" for shoppers and stores alike.  Merchants use the BBB rewards redeem feature to further drive cascading sales referrals.  Instead of paying for clicks, they discount sale items via the Buddy Bucks redeem feature which in turn spikes the three-level social media referral/reward loop-back mechanism and drives incentivized shoppers to their stores — each of whom is rewarded when their referrals result in sales—three levels down! (SEE INFOGRAPHIC)  Thus: Buddy Buddy Buddy!  More importantly, while rewards are paid three levels down, the referrals themselves continue on unabated — literally FOREVER!

Sales take place at the store owners regular storefront.  Buddy Bucks are "portable" in the sense that Buddy Bucks accumulated resulting from a purchase and purchase referrals at the shoe store can be redeemed with purchase for outstanding discounts at the electronics store for example.

Easiest Way In The World for Stores to "Get Social"
Stores are wracking their brains and spending time and money trying to "get in on the social media revolution" — all in vain!  Folks don't turn to social media to shop... they go there to get social!!!  BBB is the first to turn that social chatter into sales chatter by rewarding the shopper as they share their purchase experience in the social media sphere.  Thus, BBB is a "Set-It-and-Forget-It" social media marketing tool for stores as it "shifts" the SM Marketing efforts from the store owner to the consumer by way of incentivized referrals.  The result is less "disingenuous social activities" aka "marketing pollution" within the social sphere, and more "friends helping friends" instead.  Buddy Buddy Buddy.  In essence a social solution to a social problem!

A new online shopping paradigm is on the horizon.  Things are about to get shaken up... again!
— Dale Wozny, CEO/Founder, Do You Buddy, Inc.

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