Buddy Buddy Buddy is Poised to Begin Siphoning Off Google's Primary Revenue

Say what???

A superior transaction model has been developed. It fully removes advertising from the loop.

One of the most notable success stories in the online world is Google. One of Google's most profitable enterprises is paid advertising based on targeted search phrases for advertisers which is known as Pay-Per-Click or simply PPC. PPC earns Google in excess of $38 billion dollars annually. While the PPC revenue model is copied by many, the basic concept is largely unchallenged. That is about to change.

Do You Buddy has developed an advertising model that improves on the weakest aspect of the popular PPC concept PPC is just that. Advertisers pay for click-throughs to their sites, whether a sale is made or not. Do You Buddy has pioneered a Pay-Per-Sale model called Buddy Buddy Buddy which eliminates the prime risk of PPC by charging fees only after a sale has been made.

Preliminary test marketing has shown that advertisers are highly receptive to an alternative to PPC. As Do You Buddy founder Dale Wozny says,

"Advertisers clearly understand the value of our platform and quickly realize, 'Why pay-per-click when you can pay-per-sale?' While Google's PPC has single-handedly dominated the online advertising landscape over the past decade with a great product, it's time for the next evolution of online advertising with an improved product that gives merchants a fairer shake for their advertising dollar."

The pay per sale model developed by Do You Buddy relies on a social media tie-in that delivers a stream of referred shoppers who participate in a three-level shopping rewards program.  (SEE INFOGRAPHIC).  Through this system Buddy Buddy Buddy is able to drive referrals to participating stores and charge a fee after sales are made. Buddy Buddy Buddy is so named for the way it delivers shopping rewards to three levels of social media friends through product sale referrals.

Do You Buddy is still in a test phase at this time seeking investors to fully launch the platform.

Nice knowing you, PPC...

Why pay ad companies to get in between the social conversation to create sales??  Pay the people.  Reward the shoppers.  Reward the shoppers to toot your social media horn.  It's as simple as that.  You remember a little concept called "power to the people", right?  Well this is that concept played out online through our clever blend of social media-based referrals and shopping rewards paid out exponentially to fuel the sales funnel.  Here is a little detail on how our superior rewards program stacks up to eight popular competitors.

Timing is everything.  With the ad blocking issue heating up, our solution called Referral-ti$ing, which is built into "Buddy Buddy Buddy" is really hitting a nerve.

Advertising For A Post PPC World

We've invented it.

We've been sounding our horn for over three years.  Now with real OS-level ad blocking about to become common on the iPhone, our platform takes a front seat.

MERCHANTS: Here are the salient points of our "Buddy Buddy Buddy" platform:

  1. Merchants: do away with Pay-Per-Click and get to know the new boss in town: Pay-Per-Sale.
    NOW: Buddy Buddy Buddy is a whole lot more attractive with the increase in mobile device shopping, because not only will users not click on the ads you are paying for, they won't even see them they're so small!!

  2. Why pay advertisers to tell people about your products/services when you can motivate shoppers to do that for you??
    NOW: You'll NEED to know about alternatives to online ads, and we have just the thing!  Here's how it works:

  3. Buddy Buddy Buddy is the first selling solution that relies on referrals coupled with exponential rewards.  A mechanism designed to replace the awfully performing online ad model — that is barely .03% effective — with a superior, social solution.  Buddy Buddy Buddy is poised to be the next dominant ad platform across the Internet.
    NOW: Kiss the lousy click ad performance rate of .03% goodbye.  It's time for something new and we have it: Referral-ti$ing through Buddy Buddy Buddy.

Timing is Everything

This has been a slow train coming.  As users we've become totally disgusted with online ads.  And from the looks of things, so has everyone else.  That's why we developed a solution.  And as luck—or fate would have it, timing has placed us at the PERFECT PLACE as ad blocking is kicking in.  WE HAVE THE MOST INNOVATE SOLUTION ready to go.

We've been saying all along: why pay for ads that are largely ignored when you can motivate shoppers to do that for you??

Why invest in social media marketing when you can motivate your customers to do that for you??

Why pay-per-click when you can Pay-Per-Sale??

And shoppers, if you like shopping rewards — and statistics say that 40% of you do — then you're going go AGRO over EXPONENTIAL rewards!!  Three levels of shopping rewards and you don't have to do a thing to earn them.  Just share your purchase info with your social media friends (Facebook at this time) with a two-click interaction, then sit back and let referral rewards called Buddy Bucks pile up.

It's good to be the king!!

Isn't this just another company moving in and scooping up the dollars in the name of "disruption"?

Absolutely not!  The BIG DIFFERENCE lies in the elimination of the advertising middle man.  Instead of someone like Google earning in excess of $38 billion a year from click ads, that money is diverted to the consumer by way of exponential rewards and super deals when you redeem those rewards.  Power to the people!  It's the sharing economy's answer to the obsolete advertising model that is now — thankfully — being blocked.  Watch this video to fully understand the enormous power of this superior alternate rewards platform for shoppers. (Investors: More Investor Info HERE.)



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