How We Compare To Eight Popular Rewards Platforms


Does the Internet Really Need Another Rewards Platform?

It needs one Great One that leaves all the others in the dust... and that's us!

20 Points Each REWARDS
Swagbucks –40
Ebates –40 –20 –20 –20 0 –20 20
BBB 100


Here are the details of our top 8 competitors:



Swagbucks is "Last Centuries Rewards Program"! You must, and I quote: "Answer Surveys; Watch Marketing Videos; Hunt Down Offers; Search for stuff; Play (marketing) games; etc." All in order to earn rewards.  Sounds like work to me!!  Here is their "Do's and Dont's" page: [ ] So much work!!  With Swagbucks you're a marketing robot for their brand!

BBB: With BBB, all you have to do to earn rewards is share your purchase details WITH ONE CLICK at time of checkout and THAT'S IT!!!  Friends who post purchase info, or "Buddy" their sale, then share with friends of friends, who then share with friends of friends of friends.  It is this deep interconnectedness of social media friends that fuels our exclusive three levels rewards feature.  No one else has it!!



Ebates is FLAT.  Not very exciting. Get typically anywhere from 2 to 5% cash back.
BBB:  With BBB, exponential, viral rewards are earned through social media friends purchases, so it's actually FUN to watch your rewards tick up as people in your friend network buy.  All you do to share BBB purchase info is click the "Buddy This Sale" button at checkout and THAT'S IT!  Our exclusive three level reward system means you can accumulate mondo rewards from just one purchase!

Ebates:  A lot of the stuff Ebates has deals on are overstock items from numerous retailers.  That's great.  But, the average percentage off is a mere 4%.
BBB:  With BBB, our deals start at 10% off and go up from there.  Waaaaaayyy up.  The Redeem Sale feature is the real "wow factor" of BBB with deals as much as 50% off and up to 90% or more.  This is because of the loopback feature that motivates the Etailer to serve up better and better deals as it drives more and more referral traffic.

Another "you gotta do some work to get our rewards" sites.  Here's the rundown:

  1. Find Rebates
    Before you shop, add rebates on great products by completing simple tasks.  But hurry! Rebates expires in 48 hours!
    Here's a good one: you can "Complete one or more fun tasks..."
    "See how they "hide" what you need to do to get their rewards? "Fun tasks"? Hmmmmm.... sounds a little suspicious to me! What if I don't want to play games? Huh?
  2. Go Shopping Buy the products you selected at any participating store. Don't forget to photograph your receipt!
  3. Redeem Redeem your rebates by taking a photo of your receipt. We'll match the items you bought to the rebates you selected and give you the cash! BUT FIRST... You must:
    • Download the app...
    • Register...
    • Search for items to buy that have rebates options
    • photograph your receipt...
    • Scan QR codes... and/or bar codes (in some cases)
    • Connect your "loyalty card" to the retailer account...
    • Deal with "phone verification...
    • Get Cash
  4. Your cash back will be deposited into your Ibotta account within 48 hours.

Ugh!  I already worked today!!

Another "you gotta do marketing tasks" rewards platform:

  • Read EMails
  • Watch videos
  • Take Surveys
  • Discover content (another way to say watch commercials!)
  • Print coupons

Again, sounds like "work" to me!



The best of our competition, however... it is FLAT. You get a measly $10.00 bonus when you sign up a friend AND they have to purchase some stuff.

You get an averager of 5% cashback. Not a bad deal at all, and very little "work to do".  A formidable competitor... not really!



Another decent competitor. Again, sadly, they too are FLAT. Flat in the sense that once you get your reward, that's it. OK. Great. Not too exciting at all. Not too "social" either. No viral/exponential rewards like BBB.

Their site is filled with misleading Google ads to get you to other deals, but once again: Complete your "profile" and "Tell us all about yourselves..." so we can pitch all sorts crap to you that you'll never ever get to stop!!

It's a real hodge-podge of coupons, promo codes, links to other and links and spammy-looking stuff. More work for you to do to get your rewards...



Nothing exciting AT ALL! Just a boring coupon clipping site. Plus your account will likely be part of some giant database to send you endless swill!



Has issue with Ad Block. What does that tell you?  It's likely going to point ads your way like crazy! Great... NOT!  And once again... FLAT.  However: BIG ALERT: Earn a cool $5.00 (with time and use restrictions...). OK.  Fair enough.  Plus, they do give you 5% of your friends cash back for a year.  Nice. BUT STILL: Flat as a board beyond that.  Again, not exciting and nothing really social abut ExtraBux at all.



BUT WAIT... The benefits to BBB go deeper than what the above chart has demonstrated.  Check out some of these other benefits:


To learn more about how our pay per sale lead generation replacement for PPC advertising works, check out this video, or take a look at this infographic to gain an understanding of the core principles of our platform, or take the time to read about how our system works to deliver a superior advertising experience that does away with the annoying and largely ineffective click ad model finally and completely to the benefit of all.



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