Beat Them At Their Own Game!

2 billion Facebook users and not one of them is making a dime.  In the meantime, Zuckerberg & Co. are making millions off their user base.  Well… it's time to turn that around.


Imagine this: instead of Facebook getting rich off its users, now users can finally reap rewards from the platform.


Rewards.  Rewards when you shop online.  Rewards when you post about what you bought to your Facebook friends—and when Facebook friends buy: more rewards for you (and them too!).  Then, when Facebook friends tell their friends about what they bought and friends of friends buy: MORE rewards.  Then, when friends of friends of friends buy... yup... You know it: EVEN MORE REWARDS!

Let me explain how:

Let's say you buy a pair of sneakers for $100.00.  With ONE CLICK UPON CHECKOUT, you post a pic and "BBB Purchase Alert" to your Facebook friends.  If 3 friends buy—for example, you get 3 Buddy Bucks worth about $1.50 from each purchase.  That's $4.50 of value you've earned for doing nothing more than telling your friends what you bought—which you probably do already most of the time anyway.  Then when each of those friends posts to their friends and, for example, 11 friends of friends buy, YOU get rewarded AGAIN with 33 Buddy Bucks this time valued at $16.50.  Add that to the previous rewards tally and you now have a total rewards value of $21.00.  Here's where it gets real interesting with the power of exponential rewards: Level three delivers rewards on FRIENDS of FRIENDS of FRIENDS.  Stick with me here.  Before we tally up your total rewards from just one purchase, let me explain level three for you:

As you can see, rewards are paid on EVERY PURCHASE that results from you telling friends, who purchase and tell their friends.  When you factor in the connections that Facebook is so busy forcing on you to make their business grow, you realize YOU TOO can now reap the benefits of these connections as you buy and friends buy.  CHECK THIS OUT:

The average Facebook user has about 100 friend connections.

So 100 friends telling 100 friends about a purchase is 10,000 friends!  Then, when those 10,000 friends each tell their 100 friends about a purchase, that's ONE MILLION FRIENDS all alerted to the purchase of sneakers.  THAT ALL STARTED WITH YOUR INITIAL PURCHASE!!!

Let's say out of those 1 million people, a mere .1% purchase, that's a total of 100 people buying and YOU get REWARDS FOR EACH PURCHASE!!!  That comes to 300 Buddy Bucks with a value of $150.00.  Add that to your $21.00 and you now have rewards worth roughly $171.00.  So you got your sneakers for FREE and made $71.00 profit on the purchase.  Sweet!

Get it?

So NOW... instead of merchants paying advertisers and forcing ads to your eyeballs—that you most often ignore anyway, merchants are paying YOU to refer your friends!

Not bad, eh??

Why hasn't Facebook figured this out yet?  I guess they're not that smart after all!  I guess Zuckerberg's "childish notion" that young people are smarter than old people is a fallacy!  BUH-ZINGA!  I developed this whole thing and I'm 60!  Take that smarty pants!!

BUT THIS IS JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG!  Now get THIS: you can use those Buddy Bucks to buy more stuff and tell more friends about what you bought and start the whole process over again!!

Participating online stores will redeem Buddy Bucks with purchase for 30% of the cost… 50% of the cost… 80%… EVEN UP TO 100% of the cost.  So that means YOU COULD GET FREE STUFF— or at the very least, AMAZING discounts.

So wait a minute: for just posting to Facebook friends about what you bought you can get FREE STUFF???  Exactly!

So what's the catch??? THERE IS NONE!!

How can this be??

SIMPLE: instead of online stores paying advertisers and flooding your online experience with ads to make you buy—an expense which ultimately gets passed down to the consumer, people are buying based on friend referrals.  Merchants no longer need to pay advertisers and instead use buyers to tell their friends about stuff to buy and essentially "pay shoppers" by way of discounts.

All that said... If YOU think this is a GREAT WAY to "Beat Them At Their Own Game", please click here to help us get this GREAT IDEA funded.

YES. I want to see Buddy Buddy Buddy go LIVE.


The more people who say YES to this great idea, the sooner we can make it real and kick the advertisers to the curb while ALSO getting a piece of the HUGE PIE that without social media users WOULD NOT EVEN EXIST!

Thank you.

Dale Wozny, Inventor & CEO
Buddy Buddy Buddy

Are you one of those people who would prefer a video explanation?

Stay tuned....  As soon as one smart investor "gets it", we will be able to BEAT THEM AT THEIR OWN GAME!!






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