To Regain His Throne, Mr. Zuckerberg Must Do A Few Things:

Hey Zuck — How About:
  1. Generate Ethical Revenue and Make Money w/o Ads
  2. Monetize Connections — NOT Personal Data
  3. Spread the Wealth: Reward Users
  4. Take Googles Ad $$$ by obsoleting/replacing the dread Click Ad
  5. Ultimately "Fix Your Problem"
All with ONE COOL TOOL: Buddy Buddy Buddy.

You could turn things around almost instantly.

Simple.  Leverage connections instead of data.

Facebook has the most connected database in the history of the world.  Our platform provides for revenue generation by leveraging friend connections through shopping referrals.  Exponential rewards drive shoppers while viral referrals fuel merchant interest.  Everyone wins.  Shoppers get rewards redeemable for great deals, merchants benefit with a socially-driven boost in sales, and Facebook gets a commission on every sale.

Unlike the web's most popular money-making method: "targeted" ads vying for views and hopefully clicks and .03% of the time, a sale, Buddy Buddy Buddy has developed a Pay-Per-Sale model where merchants pay only AFTER a sale has been made.  A much more attractive proposition on the part of merchants.

As for shoppers, the socially-driven method we have developed for distribution of rewards exponentially, makes for great fun and profit for shoppers.

This clearly is the next wave of online selling: C2C Consumer-to-Consumer.

For Shoppers:

Exponential Shopping Rewards delivered through friend connections serving up a three-level, cascading rewards mechanism.

Imagine if will: You get rewards when your friend buys something online... and when any of their friends buys something online... and when any friends of friends of friends buy something online.  Wait a minute.  That could be over a million possibilities...  [Estimates of Facebook average friend connections = 200. So: 200 x 200 x 200 = 8 Million! ]  So yeah... Up to 8 million points of contact—from one sale!  Finally a way for the Internet to GIVE BACK to it's users.  And a way for Facebook to make "ethical revenue" at the same time.


For Merchants:

BBB is a "Click Ad killer" that does away with the dreaded click ad in favor of a superior Pay-Per-Sale model.  A win for merchants, users, and everyone really.  We call it "Referral-ti$ing.

Imagine if you will:  Google AdWords customers ditching the miserably performing Click Ad system (±.03% effective... that's pretty bad!) in favor of a Pay-Per-Sale system that ALSO has shoppers doing social media marketing for participating merchants by way of incentivized referrals.  It's a dream system that will very quickly siphon off a substantial portion of Google's $40 BILLION ad revenue because BBB is a superior marketing tool of the future... AVAILABLE NOW.  This will happen because very quickly, shoppers will love BBB because finally they're getting a "piece of the pie", followed by merchants who will gravitate to BBB because it is a superior selling mechanism as compared to pay-per-click ads.  It has the potential to be the next big thing in social commerce... and could be the "next wave" of Facebook.

An Invention Called Referral-ti$ing To The Rescue.





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