Pay Per Sale Lead Generation

A Pay Per Sale Lead Generation Can Be Better For You Than PPC

The most popular form of advertising in use online is based on click ads that are largely ignored. Our pay per sale lead generation represents a break from the past and a step into advertising future.

Treat Your Customers, Don't Annoy Them

The dominant click ad model is a system whereby a person browses the Internet looking to buy a product or service, and through the keywords they search on, advertising for that product or service appears.  Great! However, that concept is getting way out of hand in the form of insidious tracking of Internet users habits in order to better "target" the ads they are shown.  Again, great.  This is where pay per sale lead generation kicks in. When these ads are persistent to the point of following us around it becomes annoying.  So much so that it has turned into a door-to-door salesman for whom the door cannot be closed!  They ring the doorbell again and again and again and just never go away.  Pay per sale lead generation to the rescue!  So really the concept of click ads has been abused so horribly that we now have "ad blocking software" to defeat this insidious intrusion into our online life.  But now we have pay per sale lead generation to the rescue.  Plus, our 3-level rewards system that baked into the platform gives users another great reason to flock to the platform.  Then of course there are the people who say how else are we to pay for the wonderful conveniences and value the Internet has afforded us all?  Here's how: Pay per sale lead generation with the BBB Rewards mechanism.

Innovation To The Rescue

We have developed a system that is far superior and far more efficient than the standard click ad model.  We call it pay per sale lead generation aka "Referral-ti$ing.  And best of all, it benefits the consumer AND the advertiser, and gets the middle man — the purveyor of the dreaded click ad model — OUT of the loop altogether.  Pay per sale lead generation uses social media to connect friends and generate referrals instead of a nameless piece of software following you around nudging you every 5 minutes to click on their ad.  However, the companies placing such click advertising cannot be blamed for this intrusion.  The problem for them is that they have no alternative to this nasty advertising method.  Innovation is called for.  The Internet needs a new way to market products and services and we have just the solution in pay per sale lead generation!

To learn more about how our pay per sale lead generation replacement for PPC advertising works — and more importantly, what it means to you as a merchant, Check out this video, or take a look at this infographic to gain an understanding of the core principles of our platform, or take the time to read about how our system works to deliver a superior advertising experience that does away with the annoying and largely ineffective click ad model finally and completely to the benefit of all.





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