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80% of Shoppers currently post their purchase info to social media... 40% of Shoppers use some form of coupons and/or deal shop.  We've developed a process intertwining these two realities into a set-it-and-forget-it sales-generating machine.  We call it "Buddy Buddy Buddy".

Google earns in excess of $38 Billion on Pay-Per-Click advertising — a model in which merchants pay for click-throughs to their site whether or not a sale is made.  Merchants pay handsomely for mere click-throughs while "hoping" for conversions to offset the cost.  But... when they learn that BBB charges after the sale, they become interested.  When they "get it" and see that BBB delivers REFERRALS through social channels and they realize its ability to outperform typical social marketing efforts, they become real interested.  They sign up when they learn we give merchants an attractive alternative so they can drop PPC altogether.  Why pay-per-click when you can pay-per-sale?  Our plan is to siphon off that $38 Billion revenue stream offering a superior product.  It is perhaps the largest single revenue stream online, and there is no one going after it as we are.


BBB Engages a Global Market

All Online Stores

The very nature of how BBB replaces typical online click advertising means that just about every online store — selling both goods and services — is a prospect for BBB.

All Social Media Users Who Shop Online

Because BBB is the first true shopping tool that leverages the deep interconnectedness of social media, every social media user who shops online is a potential BBB user.  And it's so easy to "Buddy" a sale—as we call it, that everyone will want to "Buddy" their online purchases because it's fun and profitable.  All they need to do is agree to share their product purchase info with their Facebook friends with ONE CLICK, ONE TIME, and that's it! There is no sign-up and nothing else they need to do.

Why Will Shoppers Adopt BBB?

Because the rewards accumulate like nothing else out there!  The nature of the three-levels of rewards distribution drives legions of motivated shoppers to stores to buy more and earn more Buddy Bucks which they can redeem with purchase for amazing discounts at all participating Buddy online stores.  This in effect creates a new class of business: "C2C".  Consumers "selling" to consumers through the power of social media using participating stores as their virtual partners.

No Demands Placed On Consumers:

On the checkout page of any "Buddy" sale, all the consumer has to do to "Buddy" that sale is press one button.  They have the option of adding a personal message, but that's It!  There is nothing else they have to do to participate.  And there's no sign-up process if they have a Facebook account.

The Competition:

There are numerous shopping rewards sites.  None have a three-level rewards loopback; none have a social tie-in as deep as BBB; and none have it available on a pay-per-sale basis for merchants. We have a winner!  But because of this "ease of use" on the user side, there is much integration needed with the cart software and this is why we have not been able to move forward without initial seed capital.

Currently, we have no debt, no investment obligations, partners or ownership stakes.  If this sounds like an interesting prospect for you as an investor, please call Dale at (760) 688-9990, or .



Dale Wozny
CEO, Do You Buddy


"The Holy Grail of advertising lies in trusted referrals, such as those assertions that one of your friends likes the certain brand being advertised."

— Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg has pointed to the solution, yet he hasn’t "seen the light" on exactly how to accomplish this objective... WE HAVE!




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BBB Engages a Global Market

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