We Have an Elegant Solution That:

  • Creates "ethical" revenue from day one
  • Gives Back to Users
  • Defeat/Deny/Obsolete the click ad
  • Gives merchants a PAY-PER-SALE option to pay-per-click
  • Begin to "re-direct" Google's $40 billion AdWords revenue to Facebook



It's no secret than Zuckerberg and friends have a colossal problem on their hands.  Mere apologies won't cut it this time around. He must do something bold.

We have that BOLD solution.

Instead of "mining" user data and violating user privacy, mine the CONNECTIONS.  With the most connected database in the history of the world, make money off of that, NOT by tricking users into being the product.  Plus, lay the groundwork, flip the switch, and it generates revenue from day one.

Our solution is a shopping rewards platform with TWO SIGNIFICANT TWISTS that make it a selling power tool:

  1. It delivers exponential rewards for users.
  2. It offers a much-welcomed PAY-PER-SALE option to merchants.

Rewards pile up as friends; friends of friends; and friends of friends of friends' purchases produce a bounty of rewards for everyone in the loop.  And, these rewards are "portable" in the sense that rewards earned at the shoe store can be redeemed with purchase at the electronics store, for example.


No one has exponential rewards and no other similar platform is as easy to get involved.  That is why shoppers will get excited about BBB.  No sign-up (Facebook account is all you need.)  No "profile" to submit.  No "work to do" as with other platforms, (read emails, watch videos, rate products, etc. etc.)  Just two clicks at time of checkout and the rewards start to multiply with every referred sale.  The average Facebook user has 200 friends.  So 200 X 200 X 200 = 8 Million opportunities to earn more rewards we call Buddy Bucks.  All for just referring items purchased online to friends... with just two clicks!

Merchants Will LOVE Getting Referrals Instead of Paying for Every Click-Through

And merchants will love the fact that they are gettings REFERRALS and NOT mere "paid-for click-throughs" that rarely result in purchases.  Merchants have found that Google's AdWords is a black hole for dollars—but it's the only game in town.  That will change.  And, because BBB referrals are sent through social media channels (Facebook at this time...) it also allows merchants to wind down their social media marketing as CUSTOMERS are doing that for them with incentivized referrals.

The BONUS RESULT of the BBB system is that over a short period of time, we will witness the DEATH OF THE CLICK AD largely because sales will be realized through referrals for which the merchant pays a 3% fee AFTER the sale is made.  Why pay-per-click when you can pay per-sale?  Calculations show that this 3% transaction fee is nominal as compared to the "hit-and-miss" nature of pay-per-click which is less than .03% effectiveNOTE: This site says PPC cost per conversion in 2016 was is $37.00.  But good luck trying to find data on this metric.  No one in the ad business wants to publish this info because it is so dismal!!

As we gleefully watch the click ad become obsolete, we will see Google's Ad revenue drop precipitously while the market will re-direct that money to TWO PLACES:

  1. Shoppers by way of GREAT DEALS on reward redeem sales
  2. Facebook takes a 3% cut of every sale for MONETIZING THEIR CONNECTIONS and NOT user data.

So it's a win/win/win.  User wins with exponential rewards and super deals giving 50, 60, 90% off on purchases that redeem rewards—and are having fun as they watch their rewards tally climb for doing nothing more than a two-click "sharing" of their purchase info with Facebook friends on their purchase checkout page.

Merchants win because they get to "eject OUT of the orbit" of the pay-per-click black hole.  AND... they can reduce their social media marketing efforts in the process.

Facebook wins because they now have an ethical revenue source, and they are REWARDING their users instead of abusing them.




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