We Solved Zuckerberg's Problem

Hey Zuck: How About:
  1. Make Money w/o Ads
  2. Reward Users
  3. Take Googles Ad $$$
  4. Fix your "problem"
All with ONE COOL TOOL: Buddy Buddy Buddy.

You could turn things around almost instantly.

You could begin the next wave of online selling: C2C Consumer-to-Consumer.

You could transform yourself from a "villain" to a hero in one step.

With a properly executed launch in conjunction with Facebook, our social media monetization solution will impress quickly with early adopting merchants benefiting most.  Once that gets out, there will be a MAD RUSH to sign up.



For Shoppers:

Exponential Shopping Rewards delivered through friend connections serving up a three-level, cascading rewards mechanism.

Imagine if will: You get rewards when your friend buys something online... and when any of their friends buys something online... and when any friends of friends of friends buy something online.  Wait a minute.  That could be over a million possibilities...  [Estimates of Facebook average friend connections = 200. So: 200 x 200 x 200 = 8 Million! ]  So yeah... Up to 8 million points of contact—from one sale!  Finally a way for the Internet to GIVE BACK to it's users.  And a way for Facebook to make "ethical revenue" at the same time.


For Merchants:

BBB is a "Click Ad killer" that does away with the dreaded click ad in favor of a superior Pay-Per-Sale model.  A win for merchants, users, and everyone really.  We call it "Referral-ti$ing.

Imagine if you will:  Google AdWords customers ditching the miserably performing Click Ad system (±.03% effective... that's pretty bad!) in favor of a Pay-Per-Sale system that ALSO has shoppers doing social media marketing for participating merchants by way of incentivized referrals.  It's a dream system that will very quickly siphon off a substantial portion of Google's $40 BILLION ad revenue because BBB is a superior marketing tool of the future... AVAILABLE NOW.  This will happen because very quickly, shoppers will love BBB because finally they're getting a "piece of the pie", followed by merchants who will gravitate to BBB because it is a superior selling mechanism as compared to pay-per-click ads.  It has the potential to be the next big thing in social commerce... and could be the "next wave" of Facebook.

An Invention Called Referral-ti$ing To The Rescue.





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