Why The Timing Is Right For Buddy Buddy Buddy

All of the required elements are in place.  The exact online user activities that will make BBB succeed are already happening.  We're just adding a little bit of magic to what's already going on.




    >>> 81% of Shoppers are ALREADY using friends referrals to make shopping decisions.  Don't you think that REWARDING THEM for this behavior would catch on... very quickly?

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    When you look at the online sharing habits of over 2 Billion facebook users, then see the revenue generated by these activities, all you really need to do is CONNECT THE DOTS as we have to see the enormous potential of the Buddy platform that MONETIZES SOCIAL MEDIA PRODUCT PURCHASE POSTS.




    >>> Over $350 Billion in online shopping annually...

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    ...while Google pulls in over $50 Billion in online ad revenue through their "AdWords" Pay-Per-Click model to generate a small portion of the sales noted above.

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    Alternately, with BBB, merchants offer "deals" through the BBB redeem mechanism, and pay AFTER SALES have been made.  A far more attractive proposition for merchants than paying for people to simply visit your site as with PPC.

    >>> By giving merchants a superior Pay-Per-Sale option to replace Pay-Per-Click, here is the result we forecast:

With all this "social sharing" and "social media purchase decisions" being made with social media, isn't it time we make those efforts worthwhile for consumers?  Don't you think whoever does that FIRST is going to really set the pace for change here and succeed bigly?

Now we just need a passionate investor to whom we can communicate our vision to help us launch the platform.

All that said... If YOU think this is a GREAT WAY to revolutionize online shopping, please click here to help us get this GREAT IDEA funded.

YES. I want to see Buddy Buddy Buddy go LIVE.


The more people who say YES to this great idea, the sooner we can make it real and point the way to a better shopping experience for all.

Thank you.

Dale Wozny, Inventor & CEO
Buddy Buddy Buddy

Are you one of those people who would prefer a video explanation?

Stay tuned....  As soon as one smart investor "gets it", we will be able to launch the greatest shopping tool—for consumers and merchants alike—ever invented!!






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