How The Click Ad Will Die

Let's look at the average online purchase today. How does it unfold?
You've all done it. It goes like this:

  1. Let's say you want to buy a pair of Converse sneakers. You go to Google and search for "Converse Sneakers". You see over a dozen options for you to investigate.

  2. You click on several of the options presented to you until you find the color/size/style/etc. that you are looking for. You make a choice and buy your sneakers.


"Under The Hood" Of That Transaction

Merchants pay Google for every "looky-loo" click that folks like yourself make while searching for an item to purchase. If the store is a big etailer online, they are probably paying anywhere from $1 to $2 per click. By the time everyone interested in a given item clicks prior to making a purchase decision, the total cost to advertise that item can be $20.00 to $30.00—just to make one sale. And as with all things, that indirectly gets added to the sale price and is ultimately passed on to the consumer.

Google is the primary purveyor of these types of click ads across the 'net serving up 80-90% of them. Now get this: they make in excess of $40 billion a year on click ads alone. In fact, it it their PRIMARY SOURCE OF REVENUE. It is their cash cow. And, they have successfully gobbled up just about every other competitor and turned online advertising into a monopoly, so there is really no other place to go for this if you want to sell stuff online. You MUST go to Google and pay the price they are asking for whatever phrase(s) you want. Period.

In addition to the high costs inherent in these types of pay-per-click ads, there are a couple other issues: THEY ARE ANNOYING! Most people ignore them. They follow you around incessantly with popups related to the stuff you searched until you want to throw your laptop/phone/computer out the window! They perform horribly at less than .02% effective. And did I mention they are annoying? It's worth re-stating!

Meanwhile Over At Facebook...

Meanwhile, poor Facebook is getting hammered for offering merchants a more targeted selling tool than Google, arguably a better advertising product—however, the way they've gone about it has had some serious repercussions.

Who's To Blame?

Who is to blame for this nonsense? WE ARE! We the users are standing for it. We're"putting up" with it. Largely becuase no one has had the vision to come up with anything better... until now.

What To Do...

There is a giant hole in the way things have been developed in terms of monetizing social media, and the web in general. Our platform has developed a way to SOLVE THIS PROBLEM:

Just like the newly announced Facebook Dating app already crushing Tinder, OK Cupid and likely many others—simply after being announced, BBB could help Facebook trounce Google and literally TAKE ALL THEIR MONEY. How fun will that be to watch! One of the best things about how BBB will monetize social media is that IT WILL STILL BE FREE FOR USERS, but Facebook will make a tidy sum of $$$ from the platform—and it will be ethical revenue—unlike the way they generate revenue now through advertising by compromising user privacy. Everyone wins while Facebook repairs it's tarnished reputation.

An Invention Called Referral-ti$ing To The Rescue.




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