BBB: As Simple As Possible But No Simpler


Perhaps things are a little too simple right now?  As in moronic click ads that are killing the Internet experience, ad blockers battling it out with ad-servers who are busy "re-targeting" every little search anyone makes until it becomes too much.


We've reduced the necessary elements to the very basic.  An approach Einstein would've been comfortable with.


But first, a few rules:

Sales RULE #1: What's In It For Me?
Motivate the Shopper to Be Your Salesperson MORE

Sales RULE #2: Make It Good For Everyone
Give the Merchant a Superior Selling Tool MORE

Sales RULE #3: Make It Easy
One Click at Time of Checkout MORE

Sales RULE #4: Make It Cool
Three Levels of Viral, Exponential Rewards MORE

Sales RULE #5: Make It Disruptive
We're Making the Click Ad Obsolete! MORE


Flow Chart Shows How BBB Re-Envisions the Social/Shopping Interconnection



There is no one at all doing anything like this.  WE ARE THE FIRST!

By cleverly "getting in between" the online transaction with exponential rewards that go viral resulting from deep social media connections, we've demonstrated that our highly scalable, predominantly software product has the potential to revolutionize online selling, online advertising AND online rewards platforms.

BUT WAIT... The benefits to BBB go deeper than what the above chart has demonstrated.  Check out some of these other benefits:


Watch CEO Dale Wozny Demonstrate
BBB Exponential Rewards
(3 1/2 minutes)

To learn more about how our pay per sale lead generation replacement for PPC advertising works, check out this video, or take a look at this infographic to gain an understanding of the core principles of our platform, or take the time to read about how our system works to deliver a superior advertising experience that does away with the annoying and largely ineffective click ad model finally and completely to the benefit of all.






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