BBB: The most Powerful Ecommerce Marketing Tool Ever Invented!

A hefty claim indeed!  But read on:

I read a lot of crap everyday that I gloss over and just figure it's a scam.  I've been scammed enough on the internet to be very wary.

So I can understand when I make claims with such grandiose results that folks look at it and think: "Meh... probably a scam of some sort..."

WELL if you think that, check this out:

BBB is nothing more than a clever mash-up of three existing things:

  1. Referrals
  2. Shopping Rewards/Coupons
  3. Multi-Level Marketing

And that's it!

Then what's the big deal?

Well... with the advent of Social Media connecting people in the fashion of "six degrees of separation", and the fact that software can track these connections unlike ever before, it takes the concept of referrals to new dizzying heights.  This is one of the ways BBB achieves it's amazing properties.

Then there's the aspect of shopping rewards/coupons.  BBB is nothing more than an exalted form of coupons, only in digital format.  Everyone knows, coupons offer discounts on products you are already going to buy—or they're incentives to try something new at a discounted rate.  We employ this concept of coupons, but we don't call them coupons.  Instead we call them "Buddy Bucks" to focus on the differentiation.

Finally, the real "spice" or heart of the BBB platform is taken from the notion of multi-level marketing aka "network marketing" aka "MLM".  Only there are no "leaders", no "distributors, no "down-lines", no "quotas" and none of the other stuff that has sullied the reputation of MLM.  We "lift" the concept of friends selling to friends—the real "meat" of MLM and have "woven" it into the fabric of BBB.  We call it "Referral-ti$ing".

Roll them all together and the best way to describe the final result we call the "Social Threeferal" is to depict it in a graphic:

Then, when you watch the video below of myself explaining the process, you really get the big picture.  The light goes on and you become a convert... a "believer" in the platform.


Wait... There's More...

Then when you spend some time thinking it through and apply the "hyper-evolution" of an idea like this to the internet, you begin to realize several things that BBB has the power to do.  Among the things it will change, incite, disrupt or forever alter are these:

Honestly, when I came across the idea for BBB, I was literally STUNNED to see that no one had thought of it yet!  Even further, after yelling about it to over 100 investors and getting the "Thanks, but No Thanks... Call me when you have some traction" over and over and over again, I started thinking "MAYBE IT'S ME...".  Maybe I am not fully explaining the concept and the potential properly.  To me, the whole thing is crystal clear, but other people are not "getting it".

So..... all that said, DO YOU SEE THE POTENTIAL?  If so, please hit the SUBMIT button below to let me know you get it.  It would be totally appreciated!

YES. I want to see Buddy Buddy Buddy go LIVE.


The more people who say YES to this great idea, the sooner we can make it real and kick the advertisers to the curb while ALSO getting a piece of the HUGE PIE that without social media users WOULD NOT EVEN EXIST!

Thank you.

Dale Wozny, Inventor & CEO
Buddy Buddy Buddy

Click to watch
BBB CEO Dale Wozny
Demonstrate the Platform:

Click to watch
BBB CEO Dale Wozny
Demonstrate the Platform:

Click to watch
BBB CEO Dale Wozny
Demonstrate the Platform:

Click to watch BBB CEO Dale Wozny Demonstrate the Platform:

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