Five Most Compelling Features of BBB

These Five Amazing Things PLUS The Promise to Re-invent Online Selling


Yes... a bold statement indeed.  But read on. We are not kidding!


  1. Replaces Pay-Per-Click
    Why pay for Clicks, when you can Pay for Sales?    MORE
  2. Takes Over "Social Media Marketing"
    Incentivized Viral Social Lead Machine.    MORE
  3. BBB Fits Consumer's Social Media Habits
    Social shoppers talking up products, discounts and posting deals.  80% of shoppers already do this—now they can benefit!    MORE
  4. Three-Level, Exponential Rewards
    Nothing at all like this anywhere online.  Appeals to over 40% of shoppers who regularly "deal shop".    MORE
  5. Inventory Maximizer for Merchants
    Reward Redeem Sales are the "throttle" for Merchants.  They have complete control to maximize merchandise movement.    MORE

Added Benefit for All?  BBB works to Reduce/Eliminate click ads.
Evolved advertising option for the digital age is the beginning of the end for the click ad.  A benefit that both merchants AND consumers will appreciate.    MORE





  • Get a Discount + Valuable Buddy Bucks on Purchase.
  • Alert your Facebook friends to what you've purchased, then...
  • Earn viral Buddy Bucks via the "Social Threeferral"
  • No Sign Up Required! If you have a Facebook account you can "Buddy".
  • Buddy Bucks are portable! One Reward redeems at ALL stores.
  • Redeem Buddy Bucks for incredible discounts and even free stuff!!


  • BBB replaces "Social Media Marketing"!
  • BBB is a Viral Social Lead Machine.
  • No "2nd Storefront" needed. Sell where you do now.
  • BBB is a Social Media-driven Exponential Rewards Program.
  • BBB is an Inventory Maximizer.


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