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People are Missing This... We Haven't.

It's not about getting people to do different things online like redeem a code, or take a survey, in order to engage in your selling experience, it's about using the things they are already doing to advance your cause.

So long as there are online etailers that dominate the market, they will do their level best to squash any efforts to develop a consumer to consumer selling platform. I know what you're thinking, isn't Pinterest or Etsy consumer to consumer selling? Yes, but not in a way that poses a threat to Amazon, for example. Etsy is all about handmade goods, and Pinterest is already cozying up to the big etailers, which is clear evidence that they have no plans for a consumer to consumer selling model.

So why is this site postulating this concept? Because we have a ready solution whose methods will not — and cannot be co-opted by the big etailers. However, it plays right into their hands — albeit with them acting as a sideline player while the emphasis, the focus, the benefit going directly to consumers. Imagine a selling platform where the consumer is rewarded for simply sharing info about a recent purchase. Currently, when you "like" something, it is really only Facebook that benefits. They benefit by being the "big brother" of online activity. They benefit by "selling that information" that users have freely and willingly posted to Facebook. They benefit by making the data you've left there available to marketers to do guess what? Take advantage of you! But think about it — if YOU were the person benefitting by a "like" or an endorsement of a product or an online store. What a novel concept! Well, it's a LOT MORE than a concept. With our system we call Buddy Buddy Buddy, we've built a clever platform that plays into the concept of consumer to consumer selling using what we call "exponential rewards".

The ways it works is pretty simple: When you buy a designated "Buddy item" product from a participating online store, you get a reward, and you have the option of sharing that purchase info with your social media friends. Then if any of those friends buys that same item — or any designated "Buddy Item" from that store, your friend gets a reward, and you get rewarded again. Then, when that friend shares his or her purchase info with their social media friends, and any sales result, the person making the purchase gets a reward, your friend gets a rewards and YOU get rewarded again! And it goes down one more level. So three levels for rewards, hence the name "Buddy Buddy Buddy". Think of these rewards themselves as discounts for future purchases, AND... they are redeemable with purchase at ANY participating store. That's another very powerful feature. But here is where it gets interesting. Stay with me here... Two really cool things happen at this point: 1) When you use your rewards to make a purchase at a significant discount, you can tell your friends about that purchase and the whole cycle kicks in again; and 2) even though the original shopper drops off after three levels, there is another shopper on the back end to continue the referral chain. So one single purchase could trigger endless sales with three levels or rewards recipients that continue on and on. How is this considered consumer to consumer selling? Read on...

The Buddy Buddy Buddy or simply "BBB" platform is the first consumer to consumer selling platform because consumers are rewarded when other consumers make purchases. The same way a salesperson in a store is paid to help you out with your purchase, or the real estate person is paid a commission on a home sale, or the car salesperson gets a commission on the purchase of an automobile. The difference here is that instead of a salesperson getting a "reward" or commission when the consumer makes a purchase, the consumer friend who shared their purchase information gets the reward. Eventually once everyone understands the BBB platform, salespeople will be driven out of the loop and people will look to their friends for referrals, and then share their purchase info with their social media friends. The end result is the creation of the world's first online consumer to consumer selling platform.

To learn more about how our consumer to consumer selling model works — and more importantly, what it means to you as a consumer, check out this video, or take a study of this infographic to get a quick understanding of the core principles of our platform. Or take the time to read about how our system works to deliver a superior shopping rewards experience that has pioneered the world's first, true consumer to consumer selling model to the benefit of all.



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