Sharing Economy Startup

A Sharing Economy Startup That Can Change The Face Of The Internet

We all love the internet. It has created jobs. It has revolutionized just about every aspect of modern life, and it has created what has been termed the "sharing economy". The problem here is that the big companies like Google are not really sharing at all! They have gobbled up all the money in advertising with a "winner take all" approach and what was the people's Internet has now turned into Google's Internet. Our little company can be called a sharing economy startup for the way we innovate a solution to take the power out of the hands of Google, and truly "share it" with users of the Internet through ecommerce and social media channels. As a sharing economy startup, we have to be nimble. We have to be innovative. We have to be ahead of the curve or get squashed by those who are. We've been pushing our wares now for almost five years, and still we are theoretically nowhere. But we are undaunted! That's because as a sharing economy startup we know a good idea when we come up with it, and our good, nay GREAT idea is still fresh, unique and as innovative as it was 5 years ago.

No other sharing economy startup has come up with anything like our platform. Ours is an alternative to the standard click advertising model that dominates the Internet. In fact, it is so unique, that some "insiders" have scoffed at it saying it is not even a business! This gets us both charged up and little discouraged at the same time. Charged up because we know we are still that far ahead of conventional thinking, and a little discouraged because we are dumbfounded that certain people just don't get it... don't see it. So much so that Google — the primary purveyor of over 80% of such ads which generate revenue of over $40 billion a year, it's understandable why some could think how could anything replace that? How could anything be as effective as that? Well, the truth is, people are sick of annoying click ads to the point of ad blocking software being released to dismiss such ads and render them absent. And that will really piss off a lot of people, as well as have another group rejoicing! And to top that, everyone is up in arms about the ineffectiveness and downright annoying nature of conventional click advertising, yet no one has the vision to see our system as a viable, more attractive alternative. Scrappy sharing economy startup that we are, we say to you: take our challenge. Do you have the open mind required to see a new thing from a sharing economy startup that has the power to literally re-invent online advertising with a superior system as the truly powerful tool that we believe it is?

To learn more about how an unknown sharing economy startup is poised to take on the dominant ad model online — and more importantly, what it means to you as a merchant, Check out this video, or take a look at this infographic to gain an understanding of the core principles of our platform, or take the time to read about how our system works to deliver a superior advertising experience that does away with the black hole for dollars known as PPC finally and completely to the benefit of all.



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