Pay Per Sale Startup

A Pay Per Sale Startup With A Concept To Change Online Advertising For The Better

While there are numerous Internet startups— maybe too many to count — startups that challenge the prevailing method of advertising online are few. It is safe to say we are one the few pay per sale startups whose mission is to free users of the web from the annoying — and quite frankly, outdated method of advertising online known as click advertising. We are a pay per sale startup who has developed a method of monetizing online content that does away with the traditional method of advertising online known as pay-per-click advertising. Pay-Per-Click ads, also know as PPC or Google AdWords, is so inefficient as to warrant the development of ad blocking software to defeat the appearance of the annoying popup ads that are becoming ever more prevalent and ever more annoying.

We are a pay per sale startup that is having a tough time getting people to realize and understand the value and impact of our platform. In truth, we are quite stunned to find that the "power brokers of silicon valley" have repeatedly shunned our efforts to take a serious interest in our platform, despite the fact that we fulfill each and every one of their stated criteria for a successful startup endeavor such as:

In essence, they all say a startup needs to build a better mousetrap.

Well, we've done that. We've proven our pay per sale startup works, yet those who are in a position to help us launch our platform still turn a blind eye to our endeavor because we "have no significant traction". Traction being a revenue stream of significant volume as to warrant their interest. To that we say, o' ye of little vision!! Unfortunately, ours is a chicken and egg scenario, thus requiring some initial investment to get it off the ground.

All that said, we throw down a challenge: are we full of baloney, or is our pay per sale startup an absolutely amazing product as we claim? Read on if you wish to take our challenge:

To learn more about our pay per sale startup works to change the way products and services are sold online through social media channels — and more importantly, what it means to you as a merchant, Check out this video, or take a look at this infographic to gain an understanding of the core principles of our platform, or take the time to read about how our system works. We are one pay per sale startup with a clever way to monetize social media.



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