Pay Per Sale Program

A Pay Per Sale Program Might Be The Best Solution For You

The concept of pay per click developed over the early years of Internet, and now dominating all advertising and revenue generated online is horribly inefficient. As advertisers, wouldn't it be nice to have a pay per sale program where you pay ONLY AFTER a sale is made? The only problem is, large companies like Google have online advertising so tightly locked up with a severely ineffective program, and any viable competitor offering nothing more than the same tired, boring, unexciting and pretty much bloated pay per click programs. Well that's about to change. Yes, we are David with our new pay per sale program, while Google is Goliath, but we believe in the power of a better mousetrap. We believe that once people get a taste of something better, they will gravitate to it. We believe that the pay per sale program we call "referral-tising" is far superior to any online advertising options currently available. We are a persistent bunch and we can't let a good idea like ours die. Even in the face of insurmountable odds, we believe our superior system, will win out. It's not going to be easy, but the pay per click program known as AdWords and all of its derivatives is a 19th century concept that has been "shoe-horned" into the 21st century, and we believe that once people see that, and once they are provided with a viable alternative, they will discard it like the old shoe that it is.

The concept of capitalism is centuries old. It's a great concept for it rewards the hard worker. It rewards the inventive. It gives everyone a chance to jump into the ring and build a better mousetrap and may the better man win. The only problem here, is that with the global economy, capitalism has turned into a "winner take all" paradigm, and the winner is Google. So why are we trying to outdo the popular advertising paradigm that dominates the Internet, with a superior pay per sale program? I guess you could say we are an altruistic bunch who have invented a better mousetrap and just want to see it in action. In our quest to get our system off the ground, we have encountered a long line of naysayers from people who say "great idea but..." to people who have said ours is not even a business! So we say to you: as an Internet user, are you tired of annoying click ads glutting up the web? As an advertiser, are you tired of paying for clicks that are as about as effective as nothing at all? Then you owe it to yourself to look a little closer at our alternative pay per sale program to take the place of the dominant and largely ineffective pay-per-click model that is the "only game in town" and decide for yourself if it's time for something new.

To learn more about how our pay per sale program replacement for PPC works — and more importantly, what it means to you as a merchant, Check out this video, or take a look at this infographic to gain an understanding of the core principles of our platform, or take the time to read about how our system works to deliver a superior pay per sale program advertising experience that does away with the tired, worn-out PPC platform finally and completely to the benefit of all.



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