Pay Per Sale Advertising

Pay Per Sale Advertising: The Future of Online Advertising

Pretty much everyone involved in online business knows what pay-per-click or simply PPC advertising is all about. Simply put, you pay when someone clicks on one of your ads that pops up either in a search or on a website. While this generates an enormous amount of revenue for the advertising companies — primarily Google — the effectiveness of these ads is steadily dropping. This is why we have developed a pay per sale advertising model. To give merchants an alternative to the under-performing nature of PPC advertising. Pay per sale advertising gives merchants a much better return on their ad dollars because advertisers pay only after a sale has been made, unlike PPC ads which charge for mere clicks. All well and good. But, when you consider that PPC ads are .03% effective, it becomes evident that a whole lot of money is going down the drain when you pay for clicks that do not result in sales. As this is becoming a nagging issue for merchants, the notion of pay per sale advertising is a welcome change.

An added benefit to pay per sale advertising as compared to PPC advertising using our exclusive platform, is that there is no middle man. You read that right! Currently Google earns well over $40 Billion a year from PPC, whereas with pay per sale advertising, Google is out of the loop — and so is their deficient ad model. On average, when you use pay per sale advertising, the cost to the merchant is roughly 10% of the cost of PPC advertising, And what's even better, pay per sale advertising is not a "hit and miss" proposition as it is with PPC where you pay whether sale is made or not. If you are a PPC user, you know full well that you can easily pay for a very many number of clicks before a sale is made, and all those costs have to be covered somewhere. Some of it is born by the consumer, and some if that cost is carried by the merchant. So it quickly becomes quite clear that a pay per sale advertising alternative is a welcome alternative to merchants who are spending hundreds, to thousands of dollars a month on click ads that are increasingly ineffective. Then when you throw in the looming reality of ad- blocking, you have an ailing model in PPC which make pay per sale advertising even more attractive!

To learn more about how our pay per sale advertising platform works — and more importantly, what it means to you as a merchant, Check out this video, or take a study of this infographic to get a quick understanding of the core principles of our platform, or take the time to read about how our system works to deliver a superior advertising model based on pay per sale advertising.



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