Monetize Social Media Startup

A Monetize Social Media Startup With Big Plans

The internet appears to be in a stalemate situation with regard to methods used to monetize social media. The ubiquitous click ads that seem to be everywhere produce such dismal results that the industry has developed "ad blocker" software to relieve users of the glut of click ads everywhere! This leads to one logical conclusion: the death of the click ad is near. It's up to ingenuity to solve this problem. The solution lies with a clever monetize social media startup with a plan to change things, and we are just such a company. Our plan to monetize social media is fresh and inventive. It uses the power of referrals facilitated through social media friend connections to generate sales in such a way to monetize social media once and for all. A monetize social media startup with a plan like ours has the power to change everything about how sales are made online, and it benefits users and merchants alike in the process.

Advertisers are spending large amounts of money every month in order to generate leads to their stores. As a result, Internet users like you and I are bombarded with ads everywhere we browse. Few people click on these ads, and out of those who do, even fewer result in sales being made. The problem with this is twofold: 1) Users are getting more and more ads shown to them which are ignored, and 2) for those that are clicked on, advertisers are paying whether or not sales are made. The end result is a very inefficient way to monetize social media. But sadly, no one has come up with anything better... until now. We are a monetize social media startup that has developed a system that solves both problems with a win/win solution. We reduce the ever-increasing number of ads shown to people, and we create a system where advertisers pay ONLY AFTER sales are made! We are a monetize social media startup that needs more attention! The problem is we are having a tough time getting noticed by people who can help us.

So we ask you to help us help you by talking us up in social media spheres.

To learn more about how our startup monetizes social media, check out this video, or take a look at this infographic to gain an understanding of the core principles of our platform, or take the time to read about how our system works to deliver a superior advertising experience from a monetize social media startup that has the potential to change everything about how sales are made online.



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