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Facebook Shopping Continues To Fall Flat. Why? Read On...

The bottom line is that people come to Facebook to get social—not to do Facebook shopping.  But of course we all know Facebook needs to make money or they wouldn't be able to offer their platform for free.  That's why users are now seeing ads everywhere.  Facebook has been "monetizing" the personal data uploaded by users to target advertising to them.  That's how the Internet operates—or has operated so far, but that is about to change as we re-invent Facebook shopping from the ground up.

FACT: Turns out that 80% of online shoppers post info about the things they buy online.  This is the marketing lynchpin right here.  This is the "crack in the door" we use to get in the middle of the Facebook shopping transaction.  What we've done is cleverly connect shoppers to merchants deep social connections and thereby removing the advertising middle man.  Then to motivate shoppers to more thoughtfully post and share their purchase info, we distribute rewards when any of their referral posts results in a sale.  Then, to really give things a kick, we issue rewards down three levels.  So shoppers earn rewards when friends buy, when friends of friends buy, and finally when friends of friends of friends buy.  Click here to see an online transaction comparison flowchart.

The Buddy Buddy Buddy platform is the first Facebook shopping tool to truly monetize social media because consumers are rewarded when other consumers make purchases signaling the beginning of the end for the advertising middle-man.  The difference here is that instead of an ad-server middle-man getting paid for sending a click-through, the consumer friend who shared their purchase information gets the reward.  Eventually once everyone understands the BBB platform, click advertisers will be driven out of the loop and people will look to their friends for referrals.  The end result is the creation of the world's most excellent Facebook Shopping platform.

To find out more about how our Facebook Shopping model works — and more importantly, what it means to you as a consumer, check out this video, or take a study of this infographic to get a quick understanding of the core principles of our platform.  Or, as a merchant, take a moment to read about how our system works to deliver a superior shopping rewards experience that takes Facebook shopping into the future finally rendering the dread click ad a relic of the 20th century.



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